The Skinny on the South Beach Diet

Not all diets have a plan that you can follow for long periods of time. However, it seems as if the South Beach Diet, which has often been compared to the Atkins Diet, comes particularly close to the elusive “long-term diet that you can stick to.”

The South Beach Diet was developed to help dieters such as yourself lose weight gradually. Many of the diet plans that are out today are designed to help you lose weight quickly and temporarily. They are not dedicated to changing your eating habits or your dietary lifestyle. The South Beach Diet aims to help you improve your health and your appearance by allowing you to eat foods that are good for you and also taste great.

The diet was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist from South Beach, Miami. It was originally used for patients who had severe problems with their weight, weight problems which were causing them heart and vascular problems. This diet has three phases. The first phase is to give you a rapid weight reduction. The second phase starts the gradual weight reduction. The last phase is to help you maintain the weight loss. The phases can be repeated if needed, especially if you have slacked off and gained a few pounds. This is what makes the diet a sure success for many.

These phases are similar to the process of the Atkins Diet. But there is nothing else beyond this that connects the two diets. Carbohydrates are a major focus of the South Beach dietary plan. Unlike the Atkins diet, carbohydrates are separated and you are allowed to eat the so-called “good” carbohydrates, as well as the “bad” carbohydrates. Although there is no limit to how much of the “bad” carbohydrates you can actually eat, you will become aware as to which ones will help you reach your goal weight faster and better.

You are allowed to eat six meals a day with the South Beach Diet. These meals include snacks and breakfast (which is the most important meal of the day). Breakfast is recommended with any diet plan because the body needs food to help start the metabolism. Some health specialists will even suggest eating carbohydrate-rich foods early in the morning because the body will easily burn those carbohydrates and calories by the end of the day. By the end of the last phase, you will be eliminating your snacks and focusing on eating three healthy meals a day.

Because no diet is perfect, you may want to contact the company’s website,, before beginning this diet. You should not expect to lose weight according to other people’s weight loss. Your body may react differently to change and to the certain foods you will be eating. .

Some of the people who have tried the South Beach Diet contend that the diet is successful because you are allowed to eat great tasting foods, are never hungry, and can diet at your own pace. For a diet to have any lasting effects, these three things are very important, and are almost certainly what makes a diet attractive. If you are unsure whether you can stick to a long-term diet, it is best that you initially try going on the diet for one week and then gradually move up. Diets are all about what works for you.