The Ultimate Zone Diet Trick

With so many diets out there it can be hard to keep up with which on is which. One diet that is gaining popularity is the Zone Diet. Read on to see what this diet is really all about.

The Zone Diet operates on a system of balancing proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fat. The diet begins with the idea that people have not changed much genetically and our digestive systems are still designed to function properly when eating lean protein and natural carbohydrates. The diet also rests on the fact that grains were not always a part of people’s diet because of the lack of agriculture in primitive times. The diet believes that since our genes are designed this way our diet should reflect this more.

There are four main elements to the diet: the Zone diet, the use of monounsaturated fats, the addition to one’s diet of Omega-3 fish oils and exercise.

The Zone Diet

There are two main ways to measure food on the Zone diet: the eyeball method and the block method.

The Eyeball Method –

This method uses one’s own hand to measure the proper portions of foods for each meal. When dealing with the right amount of protein the general rule with this method of measurement is that the protein portion size should be equal to the size and thickness of one’s palm.

When it comes to the amount of carbohydrates, if the food is a favorable carbohydrate one can have two large, loose fists full but if it is a bad carbohydrate (such as pasta) one only gets one, tight fistful. Lastly is the fat. To get the right amount of dietary fat one can add a few nuts, a little olive oil or a few olives to complete the meal. Yet if the protein you choose has a higher level of fat than no extra is needed for the meal.

The Block Method –

This method counts foods in smaller block portions. One block contains three mini blocks of protein, carbohydrate and fat. One mini-block of low-fat protein is seven grams, one min-block of carbohydrate is nine grams and fat is three grams. So one mini-block of each would make up a one block snack and a three block meal would consist of three mini-blocks each of protein, carbohydrate and fat. The average woman needs about 11 blocks a day while the average man needs about 14.

One should plan to eat five times a day consisting of three meals and two snacks without letting more than five hours pass between eating.

Change in Fat Composition

Dietary fat is important but fat itself is so taboo in culture today that people try to cut it out completely. Dietary fat is important to decrease one’s absorption of their meal and it sends a message to the brain when to stop eating. This diet stresses the importance of eating the right type of fat that is monounsaturated fat (found in olive oil), thus switching from unfavorable to favorable fat.

Omega-3 Fish Oils

This diet states the importance for producing better eicosanoids as well as to help supply the things to help one’s body make them. The solution is to make a diet richer in omega-3 fish oils which have revealed to be important for proper fetal brain development.


The last part to the Zone is exercise. The exercise stressed is nothing too extreme or taxing. There are two basic types of exercises aerobic and anaerobic. There is no need to join a gym or start lifting weights as one’s own body weight is said to be sufficient. A good aerobic exercise is walking while anaerobic includes push-ups and squats.